Sundance 2012 Preview: Short Films

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As the clock ticks closer to Sundance kick-off on Thursday, we thought we'd give you a little bonus preview of some of the Short Films that caught our eye. Most have a trailer and a couple of the full shorts are embedded. All are from Sundance except the final short, Crown, which is in Slamdance. Enjoy!

Fishing Without Nets


This incredibly impressive short from Cutter Hodierne about Somali pirates is just dying to be made into a feature. Keep an eye on these guys.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

(full short)

I simply can't get enough of this kids video gone wild from This Is It Collective. I particularly love when the puppets switch to people in suits without losing a beat. So wonderfully wacky!



Nash Edgerton (brother of Joel) follows up his hit 2007 short Spider with this romance with a morbid twist.

Meaning of Robots


With a running time of only 4 minutes, you've got to think there is a lot of material yet to explore in Matt Lenski's doc which makes one immediately think of a robo-pornographic Marwencol.

Fourplay: Tampa


Children need stay very, very far away from this wacky shopping mall bathroom gay gangbang farce. Kyle Henry should be admired for his boldness -- but this one is not for the buttoned up type.

It's Such A Beautiful Day

Don Hertzfeldt completes his Everything Will Be Okay trilogy with this 23 minute short highlighting his incredible style of animation.

The Hidden Smile


Ventura Durall's Ethiopian street kid drama looks pretty intense.



University of Texas lecturer Kat Candler's short shows what happens when bad kids go wild.

Moving Stories

I was a big fan of Nicolas Provost's feature The Invader so I can only imagine he knows what he's doing with this stock footage short films as well.

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke


With a title like that and a description as "Le Jetée starring 2 Live Crew," how can you not be intrigued by Jillian Mayer's short? That's a heckofa trailer as well.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom


Lucy Walker's "visual haiku" takes a look at Japan as spring blossoms on the tsunami hit landscape.

Robots of Brixton

(full short)

CG Robots in England by Kibwe Tavares. Check it out!



There is something very strange going on in the neighborhood in AG Rojas's ultra-stylish SLAMDANCE short.

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