Sundance Brings The Robot Sex: MEANING OF ROBOTS Trailer

Robots are close to becoming a reality; sex films have been popular since, well, pretty much the invention of movies. It seems only natural that someone, somewhere, would make a sex film with robots. Mike Lenski's short Meaning of Robots, screening at Sundance later this month, tells the story of one man's 10-year-long dream of making this a reality. The trailer speaks for itself: Mike Sullivan has made Metropolis-meets-steampunk robots (human and otherwise) with interesting anatomical variations in his pursuit of the robot sex film. It's great to see the documentary short film is still a strong field, and Lenski seems to have found a fascinating and off-the-wall (in the best possible way) person and subject. I almost wish the film was longer; I suspect there is a lot of material to explore, on the cultural and sociological impact of robotics, film, and pornography. But mostly, it just looks like crazy fun.
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