Sundance 2012: IFC Midnight Picks Up THE PACT

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IFC Midnight have made the latest transaction in what is proving to be a busy Sundance as far as films selling distribution rights.

Hot on the heels of Magnolia picking up rights to midnight offering V/H/S, IFC have taken on another of this year's midnight selections in Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact.

Following their mother's death, sisters Nicole and Annie are forced to return to their memory-ridden childhood home. Annie begins searching through her mother's belongings for clues to their past life when, happening upon a picture of an unknown young woman standing beside her mother, she starts to sense an unusual presence in the house. Experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams, Annie begins to question the life she thought she knew as the world around her evolves into a living nightmare...

From the sounds of things IFC plans to follow their typical release pattern with this, meaning a VOD release followed by a limited theatrical run.
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