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It is more than a little bit surprising how few filmmakers have made any attempt to give any sort of realistic representation of how social media has affected the lives of young people today. It's even more surprising considering that these young people are the primary targets for most films. But other than finding a quick excuse to dispose of cell phones in most horror films, the omnipresence of communications technology and social media is rarely addressed. Nicolas Lopez did it to great effect with Fuck My Life. Charlie Brooker found social media's dark side in the riveting - and far too plausible - first episode of Black Mirror. But, really, that's about it.

But now Indonesia is getting into the game - and doing it rather well by the looks of things - with Kuntz Agus' romantic comedy Republik Twitter.

With all of the materials being in Indonesian it's hard to go into too much detail but it's immediately obvious that Agus' film has been crafted with a great deal of care and with the efforts of an immensely likeable cast. You may not understand the dialogue but the trailer below is very much worth a look.
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