IFFR 2012: full programme revealed

, Associate Editor, Features
(Gentlemen and ladies, start your ordering...)

Hi everyone, as of last evening (here in Europe) the International Film Festival Rotterdam has presented the entire programme on their website, and online ticket sales commenced already for subscribing "Tiger friends". But today online ordering starts for the rest of the world, so everyone come and get it while tickets are still available. A certain percentage will always be held for sale at the counter on the day off the screening, to give everyone a fair chance, but... well, why wait for that?.

See the entire programme here (link).

I will be covering the festival from its start on Wednesday night onward. A big part of the IFFR's programme consists of content not previously seen (or covered) anywhere, so any advice on which film to see (and review), or which talent to meet will be seriously considered!
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