DANGER! DANGER! It's the ZOMBIE ASS trailer!

, Asian Editor
I was unfortunate to miss the World Premiere of Noboru Iguchi's latest cinematic opus at this year's Fantastic Fest, but now the rest of us can get our first real look and what he and special effects maestro Yoshiro Nishimura have cooked up for us this time out. Iguchi makes no secret of his predilection towards nice round asses (he even sports a pretty decent one himself) and in his latest work this appears to have reached its natural conclusion.

By the looks of the trailer there are plenty of big breasted, scantily clad schoolgirls, blood-gushing zombies and copious amounts of life-threatening farting! For those looking for a narrative hook, the plot centres around a mad scientist whose experimentations on alien parasites and zombies bring on earth-threatening repercussions. So it's business as usual from the creators of such masterful pieces of low budget shlock as THE MACHINE GIRL, TOKYO GORE POLICE and ROBOGEISHA.

So cover your mouths, pinch your noses and check out the delights of ZOMBIE ASS!
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