Watch Jorge Michel Grau's 72!

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Mexico's Jorge Michel Grau won a lot of love in these pages with his debut film We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay) and we have been keeping an eye on the talented director as he enters into a remarkably busy stretch.

Grau is currently one of the ABCs Of Death directors, is developing in the script for his next feature, and is in post on another feature done as a for hire job but before we get to see any of these we get his short film 72.

Produced by TNT's Latin American arm as part of an eight director series titled Fronteras, Grau's effort is based on the real story of seventy two innocent civilians kidnapped and slaughtered seemingly for sport by a Mexican narco gang in a single incident. We shared some behind the scenes footage from the film a while back but now the entire picture has arrived online. There are no subtitles, unfortunately, but the meaning is clear enough. The video begins with an interview segment before continuing to the complete film. Take a look below.
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