THE HOBBIT Trailer Arrives!

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"Highly anticipated" does not begin to describe the building excitement among film fans for the forthcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first installment of two new additions to maestro Peter Jackson's envisioning of the once-thought-unfilmable J.R.R. Tolkien literary classics.

It's been almost a full decade since the last LOTR film hit screens, and the fervor has maintained a level matched only by the mega-franchise Star Wars. Fans hang on every tiny bit of information, and discussions are heating up in theater lobbies, film festival after parties, convention halls, and gamer gatherings across the globe. The collective sigh of relief heard among fans was a massive one, when Peter Jackson announced he would after all be helming The Hobbit duology himself (with all due respect to previously announced director, the equally magical Guillermo del Toro), followed by an immediate and insane hunger for anything regarding the films production from Tolkienites world 'round.

Well, the wait, in part at least, is over. Not another still, not another production log, this is the full on trailer baby! If any preview is worth making a bowl of popcorn and dimming the lights for, it's this. I've got extra butter, I'm wearing my Elven cloak, and pressing play. Over. And over. And over...
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