The Director And Star Of THE ARTIST Are Two Of THE PLAYERS

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
Men, it must be said, are frequently stupid. And they are most frequently stupid when there are women around. And while this may not be news it can, in the right hands, be quite funny. Cue Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lelouche, Guillaume Canet, Michel Hazanavicius, Fred Cavaye and more ...

Jean Dujardin (THE ARTIST, OSS 117) and Gilles Lellouche (POINT BLANK, MESRINE) lead a star-studded cast in a comedy exploring the triumphs and failures, the glories and pitiful disasters of male infidelity in all its desperate, absurd and wildly funny variety. 

From a post-sales conference hotel in the suburbs to a smart sex addiction clinic, from a swish Parisian nightclub to the glitzy fleshpots of Las Vegas, the protagonists launch themselves into the age old pursuit. Every time worn excuse is proffered; every trick in the book is played. The quest to get laid is on. Witty and moving, honest and cynical, cowardly and candid, touching and contemptible - they're guys, in other words. Hope beats eternal in the lusting male heart, but the road to illicit pleasure is never an easy one...

An anthology comedy co-written, produced, and partially directed by The Artist's Jean Dujardin - yes, he also stars - The Players (Les Infideles) also features directing turns from the helmers of Point Blank and The Artist with a host of big names appearing both in front of and behind the camera. And clearly everyone is having a fabulous time.

A pair of teasers have arrived for the film, check them out below.

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