SOUTH OF HEAVEN is Hot indeed on DVD.

Gonzo, goofball, gangstery goodness. South of Heaven spends every dollar of it's $1.98 budget on the right things, taking a very funny script, putting it in the hands of a solid cast and sending up the likes of Big Jim Thompson, as well as invoking a variety of other things in my head, among them the visual palette of a Wisit Sasanatieng or the stylings of the Coen Brothers. But unlike most people "inspired" by the Coen's style this is a sincere homage and like those other examples, this is a tiny film that dares to aim and damn near reaches a sense of epic storytelling. For all of it's flaws it largely accomplishes what it sets out to do in hugely entertaining, often hilarious and surprisingly effective fashion. Extras here include three short films by the director and three, count 'em three commentaries including  a cast, a filmmakers and even a critics commentary. It would be wise to note that yes, our fearless leader here at Twitch , Todd Brown is among the critics as is fellow Twitcher Scott Weinberg. But even without the extras you'd want to at least see this. South of Heaven itself virtually demands repeat viewings, is eminently quotable and absolutely what the doctor ordered for a reviewer forced to watch lots and lots of crappy indie cinema. 

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