Looking for a gift for the horror fan who has everything? How about a classic Hammer Film Poster?

Hammer Films is synonymous with classic horror cinema; during the studio's heyday on the 1950s and 1960s, it pumped out some of the best horror and science fiction films, such as Dracula: Prince of Darkness, The Curse of Frankenstein and One Million Years B.C. (And it looks like it will be returning to form with the upcoming feature The Woman in Black.) Along with these films were gorgeous posters, back when posters were drawn as oppose to photographed, giving artists enormous creative freedom. The revitalized studio has now opened its archive of posters to the public, with an on-demand print service. It's being curated by Marcus Hearn, whose book The Hammer Vault, a history of Hammer Films, is available as of today. The posters are designed by some of the greats, including Tom Chantrell. These posters are as much works of art as the film themselves, and it's nice to see that some come from a few of the more obscure films. You can get posters, greeting cards, or postcards, and some are available in either new or "retro" style. Check out the selection at the Hammer Films website. I'm already spending money there that I don't have.
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