Japanese BATTLESHIP Trailer, Now With Extra Asano!

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From Hasbro board game to high concept sci-fi blockbuster fare, the forthcoming Battleship looks to be very big, very loud, and very American in it's grandiose enormity. All that heavily armored and armed floating steel makes military excess just seem so damned cool, doesn't it? Kinda like...well...a game!

I don't remember any alien menace while playing the old school Battleship game while stretched out on the den floor as a kid, but I ain't complaining either. I'm a sucker for giant stuff blowing up real good, and this looks like a cross between the recent Transformers stuff and Independence Day, but out on the ocean waters.

This is extra cool though, because this is the Japanese trailer which dropped a couple days back, so it features at least a brief glimpse Battleship cast member Tadanobu Asano, a Twitch favorite who needs no introduction, along with his big time costars like Liam Neeson, Alexander  Skarsgårdand, and pop singer Rihana. It also features a lot more FX ridden mayhem.

Bring on the big dumb summer fun this May 18'th. For now check the new teaser below.

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