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You'll be hearing a lot from Mexico's Jorge Michel Grau in 2012. The director of We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay) is part of the ABCs Of Death anthology project and has just wrapped a for-hire feature directing project while also preparing his next self-penned project but before any of those roll out he will - surprisingly - be turning up on American television.

Grau is part of the Turner commissioned Fronteras project, a collection of eight short films put together by The Secret Behind Their Eyes producer Federico Posternak set on different frontiers of Mexico and Latin America. Due to air just before Christmas - the last date I've heard is December 22nd, though that may not be one hundred percent confirmed - this has the potential to be dark and disturbing viewing for many. And that's certainly the case for Grau's contribution.

Titled simply 72, Grau's film is based on an actual event in which a Mexican narco gang in the northern provinces of the country kidnapped a group of seventy two innocent people and executed them all, seemingly for no reason beyond sport or entertainment. Though there does not appear to be a trailer for the project yet Turner has prepared a lengthy, Spanish language only EPK reel for the overall project from which I have excerpted the main segment devoted to Grau's film. You get a blend of both behind the scenes footage and actual, completed work. Take a look below.
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