BLUE VELVET is anything but soft on BluRay


I once sat in a critics screening room waiting for David Lynch's The Straight Story to start. When it did the beautiful bright blue and white Disney logo cam up first immediately followed by a pitch black screen bearing the tiny type A Film by David Lynch. Guffaws followed. The point is that for every foray into the light that Lynch has made, he's made two that travel deep into the heart of darkness. Whether you trust him to take you on both roads is an important question. Some find Blue Velvet a relatively simple, if breathtakingly realized, deconstruction of evil beneath the surface of suburbia. Some feel Lynch revels a little too deeply in the profane. But either way I have found ample insight in his visions. Blue Velvet ranks high indeed in the Lynch canon,  especially considering his recent abandoning of feature length narrative. As interesting as Inland Empire and recent projects have been, I'm far more interested in re-exploring the Lynch of the 80s and 90s. 

The extras here are largely taken from the previous excellent DVD edition and include, among other things, a feature documentary. But the real star of this BluRay release is the addition of more than fifty minutes of previously unseen footage. Fans of the film will find the backstory on the characters fascinating although it will be obvious to most why the scenes didn't make the final cut. The picture and sound here are outstanding. This is easily the best looking best sounding Blue Velvet ever. 

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