THE NIGHT CREW Back-Talk w/THE WALKING DEAD Season Two Semi-Finale

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It's the first ever The Night Crew Back-Talk, available for download. This trial run has the hosts of The Night Crew podcast (Thom Carnell and myself) doing s running live-as-we-watch commentary on the second season semi-finale of the controversial The Walking Dead, on AMC.

So, here's how it works...

Right click  HERE, "save as" and download the commentary mp3 file. Then load it into your favorite mp3 player, cue up the last episode of The Walking Dead (again that is season two, episode seven) on your TivO or however you may have it saved, and wait for the 3-2-1 countdown on the commentary file, then press play on the episode.

Raw and uncut, and uber duber opinionated, this commentary was done without commercial interruption.
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