Astounding Trailer For Victor Vu's Vietnamese Martial Arts Epic BLOOD LETTER (Thiên mệnh anh hùng)

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Vietnamese-American director Victor Vu has been mentioned in the pages of Twitch many times over the years, the director seeming to shift through genres and styles like many change a suit of clothes and - as a general rule - doing them all well. He's done ghost stories, thrillers, romantic comedies, a bit of action, a bit of drama. You name it and Vu has probably tried it. And there simply no denying that whatever his chosen genre on any given project, Vu is one of the most visually gifted directors working in Vietnam and he is putting those visual skills to great effect with the upcoming Blood Letter (Thiên mệnh anh hùng).

Adapted from a popular novel (Bức Huyết Thư by Bùi Anh Tấn) this is a full on, period set martial arts costume epic. And everything about it just screams quality. Environments, costuming, characters, choreography ... there's very little story in this trailer but every other element says YES. Blood Letter will be released over the Tet holidays, so expect more materials soon.
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