AFM 2011: Gorgeous English-friendly trailer for Gordon Chan's MURAL

, Asian Editor
A project that started life as a proposed sequel to his 2008 supernatural drama PAINTED SKIN, Gordon Chan's MURAL has since taken on a life of its own and proved to be a substantial holiday season hit with Mainland Chinese audiences. The story follows a young scholar (Deng Chao) and a roguish bandit (Collin Chou) who, while seeking shelter in a remote temple, are sucked through a beautifully painted mural into a heavenly realm populated almost entirely by young, beautiful women.

I for one was skeptical of a film that appeared to be light on plot and heavy on special effects, but MURAL actually proved to be pretty entertaining, delivering on its promise of spectacle, romance and fantasy adventure. The casting of Collin Chou and Andy On in prominent action roles didn't hurt the film now, and as it makes its appearance at this week's American Film Market it may not be long before MURAL can be enjoyed by North American audiences too. Here's the English subtitled trailer to whet your appetites.   
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