Let A Young Martin Sheen Take You SWEET HOSTAGE On This Awesome MOD.

Ever wonder how much time of your short short life will wind up devoted to silly silly movies like this? Before he became President of the United States in The West Wing Martin Sheen appeared as the baddie in a host of genre movies, some of them pretty darn good. The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane (1976) is now recognized as a chilling suspense film. The Dead Zone (1983) had him playing a corrupt politician. Firestarter (1984)  cast him as a CIA crony. The Believers (1987) (which was plenty chilling tho Sheen didn't play the villain) was directed by no less a luminary than the great John Schlesinger. But before any of those he played an escaped mental patient in in this 1974 have-to-see-it-to-believe-it made-for-TV flick. After kidnapping Linda Blair he takes her to his mountain hideaway where she succumbs to a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. Silly, silly love songs, and a host of recognizable character actors make this a memorable laugh riot. It's so good I'm guessing you'll want to have friends over to watch. 

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