Michael Fassbender Appears To Be In Quite The Pickle In The Trailer For Steve McQueen's SHAME

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Shame -- a short, compact word, one that we seem to forget the full force of quite often. Well, perhaps Steve McQueen's follow-up to his equally simple-titled-but-loaded Hunger can remind us just how hard hitting a word it can be. The film's very first trailer (because yes, after hearing so much, for many months, this is the first real glimpse of the film we've had) features Michael Fassbender in a psycho-sexual/emotional quandary... this means a lot of Fassbender running through the streets of New York and ogling women on the subway and in bars, which from most accounts of the film is just the tipity top of the iceberg. Fresh off a fall festival tour that included Venice, Toronto and New York, Shame has collected a string of buzz, some cacophonous, some praise-heavy, for its frank portrayal of sex addiction. Word is that it's headed for NC-17 territory when Fox Searchlight releases it stateside on December 2nd. The U.K. follows on January 13th. The Guardian is hosting the trailer, which you can watch below:
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