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Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado are currently riding a tidal wave of praise and success as their debut feature, RABIES, proves to be delighting and terrifying audiences in equal measure at festivals all over the world. Not only is the film Israel's first ever horror film, but it is one of the very best from any country to be released this year. Effortlessly mashing different genres together - comedy, slasher, thriller, domestic drama - RABIES wrong-foots its audience at every turn to incredible effect. 

Catching up with the pair in Austin, Texas last week, where they were infecting the Fantastic Fest crowd with a much-welcome bout of RABIES, they took a moment to give Twitch an exclusive on their forthcoming and notoriously difficult second feature, tentatively titled SATAN LIVES WITHIN:

Navot - For our next feature we came up with the concept about this teacher at high school who we want to portray as the victim of a police interrogation for some really nasty crime. 

Aharon - He's the suspect in a very gruesome killing who goes free. And we thought for once it would be great to see the outcome of this kind of tragedy upon the suspect, as he tries to get his life back. He was a bible teacher and so this kind of accusation will no doubt be difficult to recover from.

James - So he's been cleared of the crime?

Navot - Yes, but due to technical problems.

Aharon - Nobody really knows for sure and he has to deal with that.

Navot - We have a temporary title, which is SATAN LIVES WITHIN, but that's just a working title. However the script is finished and we've already handed it out to our actors.

At this stage I'm on board with anything these guys are working on. RABIES is a fantastically well structured and executed piece of work from two young filmmakers who have a very clear idea of what they want to see, what they are desperate to avoid and for my money have the skills to put it all up on the screen. We'll be keeping an eye on this one for sure. 

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