Christian Bale fights for Nanjing in THE FLOWERS OF WAR trailer

, Asian Editor
China's most expensive film to-date, Zhang Yimou's epic depicting the Nanking Massacre of 1937 has already been selected as the country's official contender at next year's Oscars. The project grabbed headlines around the world when Christian Bale was cast in the lead role as John Magee, a Jesuit priest who helps protect a group of Chinese women from the invading Japanese troops. 

The film is set for a 16 December release in China, with a large international release already in the works. Apparently up to 40% of the film will play out in English, with the rest in Mandarin and Japanese. The first trailer for the film has just landed online and is not only very international-friendly, but also promises plenty of bang for its buck. Check it out below and thanks to @TheGoldenRock for the heads-up.
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