Bill Murray Joins The Cast Of Roman Coppola's CHARLES SWAN

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Bill Murray has come a long, long way from crooning the Star Wars theme, or chasing horny summer camp kids around the woods. These days Mr. Murray is considered one of the venerable old guard, and chooses his projects very, very carefully. Ghostbusters 3 anyone?

Now, he joins forces with Roman Coppola, stepping in front of the cameras for A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, which also stars Patricia Arquette, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza, and (surprise, surprise) Charlie "Winning" Sheen in the title role. The story revolves around Sheen, a graphic designer, an uber successful chick magnet, whose life spins out of control after his girlfriend does the unthinkable...and breaks up with him.

Roman Coppola is writer/director, and one of the producers on the project, along with Youree Henley. Let's also remember that Mr. Murray nearly pulled down an Oscar win after working Roman's little sister, Sofia, when she directed him in Lost In Translation.

Is this Kismet for Mr. Murray and Roman? Will lightening strike twice? Lord knows when the man walks across the screen magic follows. His limited time in Zombieland elevated the material exponentially, and, assuming this is a comedy, hopes are high as well, because, all personal drama aside, Mr. Sheen can be quite a funny guy in his own right. Being a huge fan myself of Roman's CQ, an homage to films like Danger: Diabolik and the grand era of 60's film making in swinging Italy, I expect something at least really good, if not downright great out of this project. Charlie Sheen's agent probably deserves some kind of award too, talk about pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

While we wait for A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, check below the break and check out the trailer for CQ.
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