AFM 2011: English Trailer And Sales Art For Prachya Pinkaew's THE KICK

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Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew has imported a slew of Korean talent to Thailand for his latest feature, The Kick. Choosing to focus on the art of taekwondo rather than his signature fight style of muay thai for this one the only one of Pinkaew's regulars who appears in this latest effort is Chocolate's Jeeja Yanin in a support role - taekwondo being her first discipline - with the leads handed to a group of highly skilled Korean fighters.

The plot is overly familiar to anyone who has ever seen any of Pinkaew's previous films - a precious object is stolen and the heroes have to get it back, this time it's a knife instead of a Buddha head or elephant - but the execution look excellent.

We've run the Korean language teasers and trailer for this one in the past but with the American Film Market around the corner we've just received an English friendly version of the full trailer. Take a look below.
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