Watch The Teaser For Nacho Vigalondo's SciFi RomCom EXTRATERRESTRIAL

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About to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival before moving on to Fantastic Fest, Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo shows his less serious side with Extraterrestrial.

There's only one sane response when you wake up to a sky full of alien invaders -run like hell. But what do you do if the invasion starts when you've just met the girl of your dreams?

Julio wakes up - horribly hungover and with no memory of the night before - next to a mind-blowingly sexy girl, in a stunning apartment. She wants him out now but the alien invasion that's just begun outside is the perfect excuse for Julio to stay.

And even though things are growing worse by the minute, even though the girl's husband has arrived on the scene... even though the alien threat is getting more and more terrifying, Julio's clear about one thing. Just like the monstrous creatures that have traveled across galaxies to destroy Mankind, he's here to stay.

Vigalondo inspired a global cult with his debut feature, but can he sustain it with his new effort? The first teaser has just arrived to give a clue. Check it out below.

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