Watch A One-Sided Game Of Tennis In Clip From Yorgos Lanthimos' ALPS

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The new film from the director of the Oscar-nominated Dogtooth is about to roll out in Venice and Toronto and while existing fans of Yorgos Lanthimos may have an idea of what they're getting in to a new clip has arrived to demonstrate his particular brand of oddity to everyone interested.

A Nurse, a Paramedic, a Gymnast and her Coach have formed a service for hire. They stand in for dead people by appointment, hired by the relatives, friends, or colleagues of the deceased. The company is called Alps while their leader, the Paramedic, calls himself Mont Blanc. Although the Alps members operate under a discipline regime demanded by their leader, the Nurse doesn't...
Mont Blanc may like discipline but the Nurse, apparently, likes tennis. See what I mean in the clip below.

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