TROOOOOOOOOLLL HUNTER is out on Blu. Got it yet?

Consider this a reminder to go out and get this great movie now that it is out on Blu. I am on my third viewing. My friends just keep demanding to see it and they are too fun to watch as they react to it the first time. Troll Hunter maintains a sense of fun and menace even as it cleverly updates Norwegian folklore and satirizes governmental bureaucracy. I have to confess a general weakness for hand held cinema. It seems to me that the genre that appears to be forming around the style has produced any number of really compelling films. But it was nice to see it used for something other than straight horror for once. Take one part Jim Henson, one part really, really well done CGI effects, and mix in a story that slowly builds to a sort of Lovecraftian grandeur and you have one of the more important if rambling, fantasy films in recent memory. 

As to Bluray image quality  This is not a film that pops off the screen in any case but hi-def lovers might feel a bit let down by the image which can seem somewhat soft at times. It isn't distracting as much as in keeping with the chosen look of the film. It looked and sounded very nice, for a film composed of handheld footage. The extras include short extended and deleted scenes (a little over ten minutes in all), a short blooper reel, effects featurette, and a photo gallery. The longest of the special features is a 23 minute behind the scenes piece. All in all nothing here quite measures up to the film itself and it would be nice to see a special edition down the road. 

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