TIFF 2011: Watch The First Trailer For DOPPELGANGER PAUL

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Dylan Akio Smith and Kris Elgstrand will soon debut their new feature, Doppelganger Paul at the Toronto International Film Festival. A drily funny deconstruction of alienation and the need for human connection this one will almost inevitably draw comparisons to the work of Charlie Kaufman though this particular duo put their own unique spin on the topic.

Following a near-death experience, Karl comes to believe that Paul is his doppelganger. When Karl finally reveals himself to Paul, a unique and troubled relationship begins to form, a relationship that is severely tested when Karl grants Paul the privilege of reading his 20, 000 page manuscript, A BOOK ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE MYSELF. When Karl's book is published 17 months later in a vastly edited version credited to two other author / doppelgangers, Karl and Paul hit the road to confront the plagiarists but end up confronting themselves instead.
My review for this one will be live soon but, in the meantime, the first teaser has arrived to whet the appetite for what is to come. Check it out below.

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