REAL STEEL Clip-Show Knockout!

The second I saw Hugh Jackman shadow-boxing on a lawn in sublime synchronicity with a giant robot in the Real Steel trailer I knew that this would be something special. And when I saw Jackman leap into a ring-side sucker-punch at the end of that trailer, his underdog robot gracefully imitating him like a ballerina out of a Michael Bay film, I trembled at the cinematic purity of the image - harmony between a digital and physical subject. In those two shots, Shawn "Night at the Museum" Levy has made motion-capture more fascinating and quietly beautiful than anything Robert Zemeckis has ever breathed on. If the rest of the film were terrible (and it isn't according to early reviews, its apparently great!), I would still stand by that statement.

Maybe its just the Robot Jox fanboy in me...

Oh yeah! Dreamworks has released some clips of Real Steel on Youtube. Get excited along with me.
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