First Proper Trailer For Carl Tibbitts' RETREAT

, U.S. Editor
Back in May we got a hold of a sizzle-reel (an industry promo) for Carl Tibbitt's claustrophobic thriller Retreat, ahead of its world premiere at Fantasia Fest. It held a lot of promise in terms of actorly gravitas, with Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton as a couple who encounter a wounded Jamie Bell on a remote island, which, could quite possibly be the last place on earth safe from a deadly virus. In their reviews from Fantasia, both Todd and Kurt cited these performances as the highlight of a promising debut. Now the film has a stateside release through Samuel Goldwyn Films and a "theatrical" trailer with much the same footage. If you need a refresher ahead of the film's October release, or are just hearing about Retreat, it's worth a look.  
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