Fantastic Fest Director Tim League Will Have His Ass Beaten By KNUCKLE Star James Quinn McDonagh

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The annual Fantastic Debates needed very little time to become a signature event at Austin's Fantastic Fest, the spectacle of people (often mock) debating a film related topic before stepping into the ring to beat on each other proving rather potent. And every year the headlining bout belongs to festival director Tim League. Two years ago he fought Uwe Boll. Last year he fought Michelle Rodriguez. Punched her in the face, too. And, perhaps over-emboldened by that bout, League has this year made what may prove to be a serious tactical error and issued an open challenge to James Quinn McDonagh, the undefeated Irish bare knuckle boxer who is the subject of hit documentary Knuckle.

McDonagh has accepted.

It's been nice knowing you, Tim.

Watch League's video challenge and McDonagh's response below.
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