Fantastic Fest 2011: PENUMBRA Picked Up By IFC

, Managing Editor

As some of us were watching Penumbra last night (see my review; I quite liked it), a press release was issued, announcing that IFC Midnight had acquired all distribution rights in North America, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Directed by Adrian and Ramiro Garcia Bogliano, the film is a drama that slowly builds into a thriller, revolving around a businesswoman from Spain (Cristina Brando) whose family owns an apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She tries to rent the apartment on the day of a solar eclipse, and soon finds that haughty foreigners, meterological events, and rental properties do not mix.

No distribution date has yet been announced, but at the post-screening Q&A last night, Adrian Bogliano said that Cold Sweat, his previous film, would probably hit the release circuit first, early next year, and that Penumbra would follow. We'll wait to hear official word on that.

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