Nobody Slides A Rock Like THE KING OF CURLING! Now With English Subtitles!

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[Trailer updated with English subtitled version.]

Ah, curling, that most noble of sports in which balding, overweight men slide large rocks down a sheet of ice whilst screaming at the top of their lungs. Outside of hockey it is the only sport that Canada ranks as a true world power in, our one true nemesis at the rink being the Norwegians. Oh, you Norwegians and your fancy pants ...

Curling, have you never had the chance to witness it, is a very silly sport - a fact which makes it the perfect subject for a sports comedy. Canada tried this one with Paul Gross' Men With Brooms but it appears we have been outdone by Norway's Ole Endresen and The King Of Curling (Kong Curling).

The story revolves around one Truls Paulson, a former champion who cracked under the pressure of competition. Now heavily medicated and out of the sport he loves Truls must reenter the arena to raise money needed for his close friend's surgery. It's time to polish up the rocks.

The full trailer has just arrived for this one and it looks fabulous. Check it out below.
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