Make It A Guys' Night In With SWINGERS and ROUNDERS ON Blu

Before they were Identifying Bourne and shilling for Marvel comics, respectively; John Favreau, Matt Damon, Doug Liman, and Edward Norton were squatting like frat boys in The House That Harvey Built. If this is a time you remember fondly, Lionsgate Home Video wants you to relive the magic with a couple of good ole' fashioned 90's era dude movies! Experience the "you're so money" quotability of SWINGERS and the Bolshevik Oreo eating of ROUNDERS as they were always meant to be experienced- in stunning high definition! (Can you believe they're still talking about making sequels to both of these films?)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot- thrown in for good measure is some Bruce Willis action movie called HOSTAGE. Don't really remember that one, but whatever. To the press release!


Get blown away with guy movie classics that are bigger, better, more thrilling and more hilarious than ever in HD as Lionsgate debuts three Miramax films on Blu-ray Disc - Swingers, Hostage, and Rounders. Presented for the very first time in 1080P High Definition, each film features blockbuster stars like Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Ed Norton and Vince Vaughn. All three Blu-ray Discs include numerous special features such as audio commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes and more. Available on August 23rd, each Blu-ray Disc premiere will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.99.
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