Film Business Asia launches Asian Film Database

, Asian Editor
Those impressively knowledgeable folks over at Film Business Asia have been slaving away for the past 18 years (!!!) putting together the world's most comprehensive database of Asian movies, actors, directors and companies - and it all goes online for subscribers today. Boasting information on over 45,000 films, 80,000 people and 10,000 organizations the database will also include festival history for each film, release calendars for China and other key markets, contact information on a wealth of sales agents, distributors, production companies etc. and also full bilingual credits for every film featured.

Subscription is not free, but individuals can have access to this expanding treasure trove of information for US$240/year, while corporate subscriptions will set you back US$480/year.

For more information, or to subscribe, head over to their website:  Film Biz Asia
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