Fantasia 2011: To Those in Montreal We Implore you to go see MARIANNE

Although I reviewed the film a bit earlier, in the initial goings on at the Fantasia Film Festival, the Swedish horror-drama Marianne is getting its World Premiere today in Montreal at the J.A. de Sève Cinema.  If you are in town, you should make some time on your schedule for it.  Indeed, the debut film of Filip Tegstedt is both a discovery and a gem on the lengthy docket of Canada's largest genre film festival.  

Looking for something slightly different in the horror film world?  There is no CGI, no gore, and no jumpscares on display here; just a good idea, and complex characters in a dramatically sound horror picture.  Don't just trust me on this.  Our own Scott Weinberg is also on board in loving this little indie film - even if he has his hat on for his review, which can be found here.
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