Donnie Yen Joining The Cast Of THE EXPENDABLES 2?

Donnie Yen Pic.jpgAccording to Hong Kong newspapers, while Donnie Yen and his family were on holidays in the US recently, he was invited to dinner by producer Avi Lerner. Reportedly, Lerner has offered Yen a 'tailor-made' role in the upcoming sequel to THE EXPENDABLES, which is due to commence shooting in October.

A spokesperson from Yen's company confirmed that there was in fact an offer, and went on to say that Yen may be interested in THE EXPENDABLES, but because he currently has a number of projects to choose from, he will not decide until he sees if the script appeals to him or not.  

Back in the early 2000s, Donnie Yen was already working in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Shanghai Knight and Blade II (for which he also acted as fight choreographer). Of course, he is a much bigger star now following the recent success of Ip Man 1 & 2 and BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS.






Oriental Daily (in Chinese)

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