Watch Icelandic Movies Online.

Lately Icelandic cinema has been making bigger strides in to the international market place but many of the older films have remained undiscovered for the rest of the world. To remedy that a group of producers and distributers have banded together and put some of Icelandic cinematic history online for the world to enjoy, feature films, shorts and documentaries. The website is an on demand service and for a small fee you can take a gander at some of our classic flicks, like the Leone-esque Viking epic The Raven Flies (imo THE best Viking movie ever made) , Noi the Albino, Ragnar Bragason's Parents and Children, geek comedy Astropia, punk rock documentary Rock in Reykjavik and the recent comedy hit Our Own Oslo with more to come later on. In the short category the Oscar nominated The Last Farm, christmas horror Unholy Night and then to top it off you can watch me naked in 2 Birds, fun for the whole family.

So if your interests lie in the great white north of Scandinavia by all means take a look at the site and give it a whirl.

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