Trailer For Tribeca Winner SHE MONKEYS (APFLICKORNA)

, U.S. Editor
I was greatly impressed by Lisa Aschan's She Monkeys (Apflickorna) at this year's Tribeca. Evidently so was the jury as it won for best narrative feature at the festival. While statements like "the best Swedish debut since Lukas Moodysson" have been floating around, I found the tone of the film to be far closer to Celine Schiamma's Water Lilies than that of Moodysson's Fukcing Amal (Show Me Love). It's tightly wound 80 minutes is centered around the budding friendship and rivalry of two Swedish teens on an equestrian acrobatics team. It is a very cold, calculating study on sexuality and power with a dark, insidious sense of humor, a film both classical and refreshing in aesthetic. With a release in France on August 3rd, and a proper homecoming to Sweden on September 2nd, a trailer has now arrived, albeit without English subtitles -- though I think nothing much is lost in the dialog. Here's to seeing plenty more from Aschan in the future.
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