Richard Stanley Returns To South Africa For CELLUDROID Film Festival

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The director of cult favorites Hardware and Dust Devil is returning to his home turf of South Africa for the Celludroid Sci-Fi/Anime/Fantasy Film Festival as part of a special retrospective program honoring the writer and director. 

In addition to a great range of feature films and short films, as with the first Celludroid event's District 9 cast & crew appearance, this time around a very special guest will fly in for CELLUDROID - expatriate director, anthropologist, esoteric scholar & writer RICHARD STANLEY (aka The Nagloper - translated: The Nightwalker) Stanley is the maker of the cult favourites HARDWARE and DUST DEVIL. He will screen his movies, speak with the audience, and introduce his fascinating new book SHADOW OF THE GRAIL aftre the screening of his related documentary THE SECRET GLORY. The festival has been expanded to incorporate an extensive retrospective of Stanley's work, also including documentaries and short films. THE NAGLOPER vs DR. MOREAU will have Stanley take on THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU remake, which he spearheaded, but got replaced by the studio. He will be pulling no punches! 

The 2nd annual event will take place at the Labia Theatre [Yes... Labia!] in Cape Town starting this Tuesday! Other films screening at the festival include Scream 4, Insidious, Plan 9 From Outer Space and Godkiller
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