Joe Dante is rolling in his grave and the motherfucker ain't dead yet.

At one point in the trailer for THE HOWLING REBORN one of the characters says "These aren't your make up wearing, pansy ass vampires" clearly an intentional jab at the multi million dollar  vampire franchise Twilight. And indeed they are not, instead they look like make up wearing, pansy ass werewolves instead. I guess Hollywood is trying to make the werewolf the next hot thing with teens these days since Twilight is running its course. MTV has their incredibly bad looking Teen Wolf series and now this abomination rears its hideous head.

Granted, the Howling series does not have a history of good sequels, in fact aside from the utterly insane HOWLING III: THE MARSUPIALS the rest of the "in name only" sequels are pieces of crap. And it sure as shit doesn't look like a good start with this new take on the mythos. Looks awful, awful, awful. For shame people....for shame.

Thanks to that little scamp Scott Weinberg and his movies.com crew for the heads up, or not since he told us not to watch this thing.
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