Man Is Still The Warmest Place To Hide. THE THING Trailer.

To proclaim that John Carpenter's THE THING is one of the greatest horror films ever made would be an understatement for many. A commercial and a critical failure upon its release it later rose to become one of the kings of genre filmmaking. Stories about a sequel came and went for years, it managed to have a sequel in comic book form and much later as a computer game. But when the remake train got up to speed and Carpenter's films were being remade with various degrees of success (fuck you FOG remake) THE THING was snatched up and work went underway to try to emulate the best remake ever. Trying to hide the fact that this is not a remake but in fact a prequel, taking place in the Norwegian camp that encountered the alien creature first, they will never create anything else but a remake since the two camp's stories are exactly alike. We will see if some scenes are directly lifted from the original remake in the final release but judging by the trailer that was just released it smell awfully similar.

There are plenty of things that rub me the wrong way with this film but I have to wait and see. Meanwhile take a look at the trailer below.
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