Lucas Tries Something A Bit Different: RED TAILS Trailer Online.

Aside from Star Wars and Indiana Jones George Lucas's track record as a producer has been less than stellar, which is why he probably does so little of it. His last film outside his cash cow franchises was the 1994 Radioland Murders, which I haven't seen but was apparently a flop but I have big love for Howard The Duck so he's got that going for him.

We all know that the arial fights in Star Wars were based on footage from WWII battles and that Lucas is a self confessed plane enthusiast, especially the WWII kind. So it might not come as a surprise that he decides to write and produce RED TAILS, the true story about an all black unit of fighter pilots during the second world war. He has been quietly making this film for years now, hinting to it here and there but last year the film finally went in to production. It is the feature film debut of Anthony Hemingway who has years of TV behind him. Why Lucas trusted him to take on this project I don't know but I'm sure that rumors of him simply being there to instruct the actors while Lucas played with his computers will run rampant. That being said, the trailer looks pretty good, aside from the mandatory patriotic speeches and moral building that seem to plague every military themed film. The areal fight scenes look fantastic and are sure to look even better on the big screen. This is one of the few films though that might benefit from being 3D and seeing how that is all the rage these days it's strange that it isn't.

RED TAILS hits screens next year and until then you can watch this trailer that Yahoo posted today over and over again.
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