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Imagine if David Fincher's Panic Room were written as a love triangle. That's the basic premise of Spanish-Colombian co-production The Bunker (La Cara Oculta). Co-written and directed by Andres Baiz the glossy thriller pits two women at odds for the attention of one man, a man unaware of the secret chamber in the middle of his own home.

Bogota, Colombia. A house built just after WWII lies nested in the mountains on one of the highest capitals in the world. A striking observant mirror in the main bedroom hides an engineering masterpiece: a small room disconnected from the world. The house was just rented by young cosmopolitan Spanish couple Adrian & Belen. Her suspicions of infidelity will drive her to test his love for her. A small decision that will inadvertently unlock a voyage into the deepest meaning of possession and the mechanisms of jealousy. A universal story based on the transformation of human relationships into destructive forces. The « Bunker » serves as a metaphor for the imprisonment and isolation caused by fatal jealousy and sick love...
The Spanish trailer for the film has just arrived and is looking quite good. Check it below.

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