FORGET THE FILM WATCH THE TITLES. Or Just Watch This DVD Which Has The Titles From All The Films.

This extraordinary collection of title sequences from 38 short and feature films is absolutely mesmerizing. The only problem is you don't want any of them to stop. The focus is on European titles, many of which I had never heard of but they range in execution from simple text graphics manipulation to highly detailed animation sequences presenting gorgeous mini-narratives  that make me want to seek out the source material. It's like  have a new list of films I very much want to track down. The booklet sewn into the digibook style packaging even warns potential seekers like me if the films the titles are part of aren't worth the trouble. Title sequences for films you have probably heard of here include Splice, OSS 117: Le Caire, Goodbye Lenin and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. A second disc includes 9 short documentaries about title designers featured in the project. Trust me, you'll want this thing on endless loop. It would also make a great gift to anyone that regular leads film discussions. 

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