First Trailer For Cuban Zombie Comedy JUAN OF THE DEAD

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About a year ago the powers behind the scenes of Alejandro Brugues' zombie comedy Juan of the Dead did about the worst thing they could have done at the time. They took a zero budget proof of concept promo for the film and released it online, without any significant explanation, as an official teaser. It wasn't, of course, the film hadn't even started shooting at that point, and it made the project look like a cheap, poorly produced, unfunny attempt to cash in on the zombie craze several years too late with the most clever thing about it being a title that riffed on Edgar Wright's superior-in-every-way Shaun of the Dead. Many people, myself included, wrote the film off at this point.

I am now reconsidering that opinion.

Latino Review today premiered the first real trailer for the film. And while I still feel the title is a mis-step this thing looks fun. Damn fun. Yes, the simple fact that the film is a Cuban production gives it a certain exoticism that will help it along the way but the footage itself is very high quality, the effects are solid and the gags are funny. There's even some obvious social satire worked in, which is surprising coming from a Cuban backed picture. Take a look below.

Juan of the Dead will premiere in Sitges 2011.
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