Fantasia 2011: Trailer For Chris Sivertson's BRAWLER

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Director Chris Sivertson is something of a walking contradiction. He emerged on the scene with his 2005 adaptation of Jack Ketchum's The Lost, a dark indie that won Sivertson much love in the genre scene. He then that up with 2007 Lindsay Lohan starring effort I Know Who Killed Me. Which, I think it's safe to say, is rather a large change of pace.

But Sivertson is back in the indie scene that originally embraced him with his latest effort, the underground fighting picture Brawler. Red White & Blue's Marc Senter takes the lead in the story of brothers fighting it out in illegal fights stages on a barge off the coast of New Orleans in the gritty picture soon to premiere at Fantasia.

Want to see Senter and co-star Nathan Grubbs bashing the hell out of each other? Simple enough. Check the trailer below.
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