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Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think we were done announcing program lineups for FanTasia? 'Fraid not, but this is the last one. For now. Remember, FanTasia runs a whole three weeks. That is a lot of film. 

For its second consecutive edition, Camera Lucida will continue to explore genre cinema in its utmost extreme, surprising and iconoclastic form. Prepare to lose your bearings during this unusual journey. As promised, the intimate, science-fiction saga LOVE from American director William Eubank and producer Tom DeLong of Blink 182, will make its international premiere by opening the ball. Following this event, cinephiles will be treated to the Canadian premiere of the astounding Japanese film BIRTHRIGHT by Naoki Hashimoto, a poignant recipe of vengeance combined with an impeccable mise en scene - a milestone in the 
trajectory of a promising filmmaker. Also from Japan, but falling into a whole different category altogether, is the film UNDERWATER LOVE (Canadian premiere) from Shinji Imaoka. This film promises to have the crowd dancing front and center during this musical-comedy hybrid, rooted in classic fairy tale and pinku eiga style, whose director of photography is none other than the renowned Christopher Doyle. France is equally honoured this year with two illuminating works. In her third feature length film, actress Isild Le Besco will literally drag viewers to hell with BAS-FONDS (Canadian premiere), a chaotic piece that brushes against our sense of what is unbearable and demonstrates no restraint in its exploration of our animalistic nature. Fantasia is equally proud to welcome experimental filmmaker FJ Ossang to the North American premiere of DHARMA GUNS (LA SUCCESSION STARKOV), a Molotov cocktail of science-fiction and film noir that attacks the senses to generate psychedelic transcendence. Acclaimed, YOU ARE HERE (Quebecois premiere), from Canadian Daniel Cockburn, is a captivating, conceptual labyrinth which avoids all classification. Infused with bits of terrifying folklore, comes the moving, psychological drama MARIANNE (world premiere) from Danish director Filip Tegstedt, which is one of the most joyful discoveries of genre cinema this year. Presenting its North-American premiere is HELLACIOUS ACRES: THE CASE OF JOHN GLASS from Quebecois filmmaker Pat Tremblay who parodies sci-fi with a cynical eye, not unlike Jim Jarmusch, with a post-apocalyptic touch seen through a surrealistic lens. It will be at the world premiere of the highly cerebral EXIT, however, from Australian director Marek Polgar that Camera Lucida 2011 will end honourably, through its splendid and absurd take on urban alienation.

Since 2007, documentaries have been honoured at Fantasia, thanks in part to their designation as a praised category by both the public and the press. In celebration of its fifth anniversary this year, Documentaries from the Edge is back in full force with four exceptional documentaries. Viewers will not believe their eyes when the masked justice mongers of SUPERHEROES hit the screen. From American Michael Barnett (Quebecois premiere), SUPERHEROES is a hilarious portrait of those characters who hold allegiance to their cape and mask. Capturing the Remy Couture affair on film in ART/CRIME (World premiere) is 
Quebecois director Frederick Maheux, who directly uncovers the actual state and price of artistic liberty. The floor will then be given over to Robert Morin, Mario Dumont and Nacho Cerda. Equally alarming will be ARTICLE 12 (World premiere) from Argentinean Juan Manuel Biain, who conducts a passionate and necessary survey on the gradual disappearance of our personal privacy in today's modern world. Americans Don Argott and Demian Fenton follow step-by-step, heavy metal pioneer and founding member of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling, in which a fan does everything in his power to get his fallen idol back on the stage. Acclaimed at South by Southwest, LAST DAYS HERE (Canadian premiere) demonstrates an artist's ascension despite his personal setbacks and demons. Fantasia will also pay homage to the late filmmaker Jean Rollin, who was present at the festival in 2007 to receive a lifetime achievement award. He will return in spirit in Damien Dupont and Yvan Pierre-Kaiser's documentary, JEAN ROLLIN: LE REVEUR EGARE (world premiere). By way of this pointedly touching film, the public is invited to probe the iconoclastic world of an underground filmmaker and altogether extraordinary man.

Fantasia is proud to be associated once again with the French Cinemateque for two prestigious events. Festival goers, for the first time will have the chance to rave about Montreal's La Nuit Excentrique, a colourful night honouring the worst in cinema. Viewers will also have the chance to see Sergio Leone's famous spaghetti western, UN GENIE, DEUX ASSOCIES, UNE CLOCHE in the presence of iconic rock legend Robert Charlebois!
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