BREAKING: DIE HARD 5 Will Send McClane And Son To Russia But First They Need A New Director

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Rumblings of a fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise have been circulating for better than a year now with things appearing to firm up in June when word broke that Noam Murro had been attached to direct with a script being written by Skip Woods.

Since Murro's attachment to Die Hard 5 became public knowledge the director has also been attached to direct 300 prequel Xerxes (aka 300: Battle Of Artemisia) and Twitch has learned that the demands of Xerxes have led to Murro having to exit Die Hard 5. Who will take the helm in his place? Nothing is definite yet but our sources tell us that John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Max Payne) has been told that the film is essentially his to take or leave.

While the directing situation on Die Hard 5 is not yet clear we do have the first real plot details for the picture. In keeping with the trend of each Die Hard movie being larger than the last the fifth installment is going to move into international territory. Our sources tell us Die Hard 5 will be set largely in Russia with John McClane accompanied there by his son and the two drawn into a conflict with local forces. Cue multi-generational wisecracking.
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