Baffling First Trailer For Takashi Shimizu And Christopher Doyles RABBIT HORROR 3D

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Important lesson learned from the trailer for Takashi Shimizu and Christopher Doyle's Rabbit Horror 3D: If you smash a rabbit with a brick the spirit of that rabbit will come back as a lady in a bunny suit and drag you down a hole. Therefore do not smash bunnies with bricks you sadistic little bastards.

Hikari Matsushima stars in this supremely peculiar odd offshoot of Ju-On / The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu's The Shock Labyrinth 3D. Shimizu is at the helm again here, joined in directing duties by famed Wong Kar Wai collaborator Christopher Doyle who was originally on board purely as cinematographer only to later be assigned a co-directing credit as well. And what else is there to say about this? The movie appears to be taking itself seriously despite a very silly premise, a move that I think may consign it to the oddity scrap pile as I can't imagine horror fans really biting on this. Take a look below.
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