A Christmas Angel Is Coming To Shoot Your Ass. Teaser For Mexican Action-Comedy PASTORELA.

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You see what happens when you mess with an angel? This is what happens. He pulls out a big ol' pair of guns and shoots your ass. Why? Because deep down inside he'd rather be a devil.

Due for a Mexican theatrical release in November, Emilio Portes' Pastorela is a most unusual sort of Christmas movie. An irreverent action comedy that descends into chaos and full out action sequences it is the story of a small church parish thrown into disarray when a new priest takes over the church and changes the traditional casting of the annual Pastorela - a traditional religious play in which everyone seemingly wants to play the devil. That guy up above? It used to be his part. He's not happy it's been taken from him.

The first teaser for this one has just arrived and it promises a very good time indeed. Check it below. Pastorela will premiere at Mexico's Morbido Festival in October.
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